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Frequently Asked Questions​
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    How much does it cost?
    This in the number #1 question and is the most difficult to answer. Prices will vary on what the client wants to cover for project. This is where the initial consultation presents products used, prices and builds a proposal for homeowner to add or decrease amount based on budget or coverage area.
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    Does my insurance company give discounts for landscape lighitng?
    All insurance carriers are different. Call your insurance carrier to check out if any discounts would apply for your homeowners insurance.
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    How long will it take to install the system?
    Every client and property is different so there are no set standards. The time required to complete a project relies on the amount of work which will be necessary.
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    Will the installation damage our landscaping?
    No, unlike high-voltage systems, it is not required to bury the wire more than 6 inches deep. Elmore Lighting will clean up all debris caused by installation of landscape lighting. We will leave your property the way it was originally before installation.
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    What if i already have a design or plan?
    Not a problem at all. We will discuss your plan at the initial consultation and find the best design for your home.
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    Do LED lights work in cold weather?
    The advantage of LED is the extra long life, and, they all have no problem coming on in very cold temperatures. In fact, LEDs get more efficient as the ambient temperature gets lower. A 14 watt LED is equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent, so there is a 4 watt advantage in energy efficiency compared to CFL.
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    Will landscape lighting increase the value of my home?
    Yes. Every homeowner wants to see their property when approaching their home. It gives visitors, friends and family a sense of security when a home is well lit and you can see around trees, shrubs and walkways.
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    What types of lights do I need?
    The primary categories for landscape lights are flood lights, spotlights and path lights – and you’ll probably want a combination of all three. Flood lights cast a wide distribution of light that covers a large area, whereas spotlights are a directed beam, ideal for highlighting specific focal points. Path lights are best for, of course, lighting walkways and pathways.
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