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Lighting Services

  1. Night Demo
    Schedule a night time demo. This will give you insight to how your property will look with landscape lighting.
  2. Transformer Warranty
    Warranties on transformers are limited lifetime warranty.
  3. Light Fixture Warranty
    All light fixtures will be guaranteed 6 years from date of purchase.
  4. Pre-Existing Sytems
    We will work on some pre-existing systems with older transformers.
  5. Maintanance Program
    Repair/replace cut wire, bury exposed wiring, clean glass lenses, troubleshoot system, check voltage of the system, reset timers, reposition/recondition/redirect fixtures, prune landscaping around light fixtures as necessary. We complete maintenance every 8 months for a small fee.
  6. Replace Systems...
    If current systems are out dated and not working we will take out and replace with a new system.

Types of Lighting

Up Lighting

Up lighting is probably the most common lighting technique.  It is used to highlight a tree trunk and to shoot through the branches of the tree from the bottom.  This effect gives a subtle and diffused lighting atmosphere.  On large trees we use multiple fixtures to accent various portions of the tree and to allow the accenting to be viewed from each side of the specimen.

Path Lighting

Path lights are used to light sidewalks, flower beds, or other items on the ground.  We used various sizes of path lights depending on the application.  A professional path light can produce enough ambient light to effectively illuminate up to 10 feet of ground.  So basically 50 feet of sidewalk may only need 4 or 5 path lights to create a safe walking area.  Because these lights can spread 360 degrees, lining the sidewalks with colorful flowers, can be a beautiful addition for both day and night. 
Spot Lighting

Spot lighting is used to directly light the front of an object.  It is commonly used for small specimens, statues, fountains, or flags.  We use multiple fixtures when the object is very large or needs to be viewed from both sides.

Well Lighting

Well lights are mounted in the ground and are used to up light trees, buildings, columns, flag poles, small landscape ponds, waterfalls and large plant material.   This fixture is very versatile and is the primary fixture of choice for up lighting and providing accent to the landscape.  Well lights spread light evenly across plant material and buildings making it ideal for up lighting.  

 Wash Lighting
Wash lighting is probably the subtlest  lighting technique.  We use wash light fixtures to illuminate a large area with a very subtle, diffused, even coverage accent.  It is commonly used to light an entire side of a home or a decorative wall.  It can also be used to create a silhouette of a tree or hedge by lighting a wall behind a tree without lighting the tree itself.